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Traditional Living Room

When considering a living room redesign or designing your living room for the first time, you should not only consider the kinds of activities that will take place in the space but also the kind of feel you want from the room. Whether you want a relaxed, cosy lounge space, a fun family room for the kids, a bright and airy sitting room, or a grander more formal living room, you will need to start by making some practical choices about furniture and storage. As sitting is the primary use for a living room, selecting the right sofa is probably your most important furniture decision. You need to provide adequate seating for the size of your family, plus ideally some additional space for when you entertain guests.

How should I layout my bedroom?

The bedroom is the place where we retreat from the stresses and strains of a long day, or gain a little peace and quiet amongst the chaos of family life. That’s why of all the spaces in your home, injecting your own personality and style into your bedroom can be the most rewarding. Designing the perfect bedroom is about more than selecting your bedroom colours, bed and duvet covers – choosing the right layout is just as important as fabric, wallpaper and accessories. That said, the bedroom is a sensory space, so the tactile quality of your options can be an important factor when deciding on bedroom furniture, bed linen, lighting and flooring.Get bedroom inspiration from the thousands of photos from designers and stylists.

Modern Kitchens

Kitchens are used for so much more than just cooking and storing food, they’re also often the best spot in the home to entertain and the place where much of family life takes place. That’s why a kitchen design should adapt to suit your household, reflecting both function and style. In the UK, space is often a premium and so some of us have to work with a small kitchen, but whatever size and space you’ve got to work with, there’s a perfect kitchen for you; just take a look at photos of beautifully designed kitchens from all around the world to find large and small kitchen ideas. islands and appliances from different designers into a single space, taking the opportunity to truly showcase your kitchen’s personality.